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Anatomy of a Wildcat


The JPR Wildcat is a kit car design based on the looks of the legendary E-Type Jaguar. It was originally designed for Ford Cortina mechanicals, but can now be supplied to sit on Ford Sierra or Jaguar XJ6 running gear.

Almost any engine can be fitted but Ford Pintos and Rover V8s are the usual choices although the club has a smattering of Datsun, Ford Cosworth, Jaguar etc.

Like all kit cars the build time varies considerably from project to project and from person to person. As a guide, my car took about 200 hours to complete over a period of six months- although I've spent many more hours since improving and re-engineering various parts of the car.

A visit to any of the big Kit car shows should provide examples of the different interpretations of the basic kit. Some are fairly simple while others are very complex and are fitted with every conceivable extra.

Likewise the standard of finish varies from car to car. Regardless of the quality of the finish, all the owners derive a great deal of fun out of their cars.

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