The story of WR088 - my car

...or it WAS my car until I sold it during 2002!

(Some of the pictures may take a few minutes to load)

The car was collected from JPR during October 1990

The first job was to get the car in the garage and start cutting out the light apertures and other miscellaneous bits and pieces. Then the suspension components and steering column were fitted.

Next the running gear, engine, gearbox and other assorted mechanical bits were bolted on.

Following this the car was MOT'd during June 1991. New wheels and tyres were fitted as well as sound deadening felt etc.

Then the car was masked up, primed and a bit of paint splashed on it. By now it was September 1991

Next a handy young lad (my son) polished it up a bit

A piece of cake really (really?). The total build time was approx 200 hours spread over about six months.

Since then, of course, much more work has been carried out. A kit car seems to be never ending improvements and modifications. The recent addition of a hard top makes it a good all year round car.

A couple of pics of the 'finished' car (if it is ever considered as finished!)


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