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The latest Wildcat Workshop is a follow on from the first Wildcat Workshop produced around 1990. Since then we have had many technical,articles aimed at improving the Wildcat. Items such as improving the steering, roll bar, fitting electric windows, engines and matching gearboxes, fitting the shiney bits, etc and lots of informative information on replacing parts.

Filled with detailed photos and drawing to illustrate the work being undertaken. This 90 page booklet is the first in a new series which will be produced as the technical articles are researched and printed in the Club magazine Cat Chat. many articles will be new to you as they are taken from the archive and although old, still apply to the current wildcat.

Not only is this a booklet on your wildcat, but a handy reference for general work on the car such as fault finding.

With each booklet is a a free coffee table publication featuring some of our more amusing Special offers. The booklet can be ordered from Derek Argyle at only £6.00 inc P&P


The introduction to the publication reads:

Since the summer of 2002 I have been producing the Wildcat Owners Club magazine ‘Cat Chat’. I hesitate to use the word ‘editor’ as that task falls on the Club Secretary Derek Argyle who manfully ploughs through my musings pointing out errors and especially duplication of text (my foible). So I must extend my thanks to him for allowing me free reign to produce the magazine without interference every eight weeks.

Many of you will be aware of the amount of time it takes to research, find photos and make sketches that fill the magazine. My thanks go to members who have supplied photographs of events (Robin Godman, Derek Argyle, Fred Lodge, Dave Crabb and anyone else I missed and failed to thank and for information on modifying their cars Simon and Mandy Adams, Stuart and Tracy Ford the ex pat’s at Coglin (south of France near St Tropoz) Derek Argyle, and for the many bits of information he sends me. It is through these members of the club that I am able to produce your bi monthly magazine and give you the opportunity to improve your Wildcat.

I constantly ask for photos, items of interest, events you would like to see run in the magazine such as Rally, hill climb, historical events, motoring history, technical items, more amusing motoring stories etc and I would be pleased to follow up your request. After all it is your magazine and you should have a say in what you want to read about. This booklet contains many articles that have appeared in the magazine over the years and will be new to some of you. I hope you will find this booklet informative and interesting but it far from being definitive on what modifications and understanding the working of your car, that would take a very long time, but at least it’s a start.


Note: This page is always under review